The Culture Regeneration Research Society is a non-profit, non-political academic organization. Its origin dates back to 1993 when the founder, Dr. Thomas In-Sing Leung, shared his vision with a group of overseas Chinese in Canada to carry out the mission of regenerating both western and Chinese cultures by exchanging each other’s noble values and classic philosophies through academic and cultural ministries. It was with this vision that Culture Regeneration Research Society was incepted in 1994 in Vancouver, BC of Canada. Since then, CRRS has expanded its ministries to other countries and has set up affiliated office in the US and Hong Kong respectively in 1996 and 1998.


CRRS is committed to connecting Chinese worldwide to promote the wisdom of Chinese culture, to love and to serve each other for the rebuilding and regeneration of Chinese culture through continued exchange of western values and philosophies.

The goals and objectives in carrying out the vision and mission are:


  • To achieve an understanding of the latest developments of China and challenges to Chinese culture and to offer insights and resources through leaders’ dialogues, academic interchanges and caring actions. 


  • To promote mutual understanding and harmonization with western culture by encouraging and supporting academic and cultural exchange activities between the two worlds.


  • To encourage this new Chinese consciousness to be positive energies for self-growth and culture regeneration.


  • To exemplify the above by practical and measurable actions managed by accountable staff team under the governance of the Board of Directors.