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Message from the President

The vision for CRRS originated from in the Spirit of Love – love that reaches out to the people of China who have endured great sufferings in recent history; love in response to the One who embodies truth, goodness and beauty and the One who yearns to heal China’s wounds and to restore the country’s strength and spirit.In the past decade, I am pleased to see this vision being fulfilled step by step.


Since 1994, I have been traveling around the world sharing the virtues of love, morality and integrity with Chinese people. Gradually this message has taken hold, as evidenced by the warm reception of my message by young people and by China’s academic communities. My appointment to numerous university graduate-level advisory positions soon followed, affording even more opportunities to work with the brightest and the best from China’s next generation.


Since its inception, CRRS has focused its efforts on renewing Chinese culture through anti-corruption cultural exchange, moral education, and integrity cultivation programmes. CRRS has also engaged China’s senior officials in dialogue on matters pertaining to human rights. Along with the publication of our academic journal Cultural China, CRRS has organized several major academic seminars to facilitate East-West cultural exchange. Our book series and audio visual products have also served as important media for conveying CRRS' vision around the world.


In view of China's great need to deliver education to underprivileged children from rural areas, CRRS began launching teachers training and student sponsorship projects in 2002. In the recent years, senior secondary school students who achieved outstanding grades have been awarded subsidization of university tuition fees.


In 2005, CRRS collaborated with Lanzhou University and funded for the establishment of the Research Centre for Christian Culture (RCCC), as well as assisted Sichuan University in launching the first doctoral programme in Christian studies in Mainland China. They act as important channels through which we can supply Christian related resources to scholars in the Mainland, increase their understanding to the true meaning of Christianity, influence of Christianity in Chinese history, and integration of Christian faith with Chinese philosophies, so that a unique contribution can be made to the regeneration of Chinese culture.


With its rapid development, China has advanced to become one of the leading countries in the world economy. I dream that love and integrity will be cultivated on this land to regenerate and enhance a rich spiritual heritage, and render the prosperity that both includes and transcends economic well-being. As Chinese people embrace the virtues of heavenly love, it is hoped that harmonious relationships will sustain, and a loving and caring society will be built to fortify against an increasingly secularized world.


we welcome your partnership!


2013 Ministry Review


Dr. Leung In-sing
Founder & President
Culture Regeneration Research Society



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