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Ministry Development

Since its inception in 1994, CRRS has been carrying out a series of academic, cultural and caring activities in response to the call : Leadership Culture, Academic Culture, Caring Culture

Leadership Culture

  • CRRS has in the past launched initiatives such as the "Sino-Canadian Anti-corruption Cultural Exchange", "Moral Education", and "Integrity Cultivation", and has also engaged China's senior officials in dialogue on matters pertaining to the direction of harmonious society, including democracy, rule of law, equity and justice.
  • In recent years, CRRS has promoted "Sheep Culture" in the entrepreneurial circles of Mainland China and Hong Kong through different church activities and topical seminars, emphasizing the virtues of personality and ethics of responsibility based on Christian values as well as developing the corporate consciousness of integrity, as opposed to the aggressive "Wolf Culture" prevalent in the society today.

Academic Culture

  • The CRRS academic journal Cultural China serves as a platform for dialogue between Christianity and different religions on religious, academic and cultural perspectives.
  • In 2005, for the advancement of Christianity in western China, CRRS collaborated with Lanzhou University and funded for the establishment of the Research Centre for Christian Culture (RCCC) in the School of Philosophy and Sociology.
  • In 2005, CRRS assisted Sichuan University in launching the first doctoral programme in Christian studies in China.
  • In 2006, Dr. Leung In-sing was appointed Visiting Adjunct Professor of the Chinese Government's 985 Project in Sichuan University. Over the years, Dr. Leung has also carried out academic research and exchange, and served as Honorable Professor and supervisor of doctoral students in other universities in China, such as Qinghua University, Lanzhou University, South China Normal University, East China Normal University, Zhongshan University and Shandong University.
  • With the aim of improving dialogue and exchange between different religions in China, CRRS funded RCCC to organize the conference "Dialogues of Religions and Harmony of Societies" with the School of Philosophy and Sociology, Institute of Islamic Culture Studies, and Research Centre for Christian Culture of Lanzhou University in 2007. About 70 scholars and specialists all over China and overseas participated in the conference and the total number of attendance reached 1,000.

Caring Culture

  • In 2002, CRRS launched the "Teacher Certification" and the "Student Sponsorship" projects. Since 2002, CRRS has helped over 1,500 Guangxi teachers complete their university training and obtain full certification and aided over 3,000 students from Guangxi and Yunnan provinces to continue their education.
  • In 2006, CRRS collaborated with Tsinghua University Education Foundation to allocate further financial support to rural students under basic education schemes, enabling them to complete tertiary education.
  • The rural education programmes were recognised by the Chinese government and CRRS was presented the Outstanding Contribution to China’s Charity Award by the China Charity Federation in 2007.
  • In September 2007, CRRS funded the senior secondary school of Yangdong School in Shanghai, so children of rural migrant workers can have access to higher education.
  • In 2008, CRRS founded the "Culture China Sponsorship Scheme" at Lanzhou University, supporting undergraduate and master students there.
  • In 2009, CRRS started exploring the opportunities of launchng students sponsorship and school builbing projects at Yunnan Wenshan as new project site there.
  • In 2010, CRRS has launched the"Baton of Love" Project in Yunnan Wenshan, sponsoring high school students and provide training opportunities to teachers in Wenshan. More than 300 total number of students were benefit from this project. 
  • In September 2011, Funing primary school was completed in remote area at Wenshan near Vietnam. It is now already being used, serving 400 promary students there.
  • In September 2013, the "Culture China Sponsorship Scheme" will be launched with the Southwest University for Nationalities in Chengdu, Sicuan. Beside sponsoring university students, this project will also support young lecturers or professors on doing community caring researches.