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Ministry Directions


The Culture Regeneration Research Society ministry serves to regenerate the three different levels of cultures, namely, the Academic Culture, the Leadership Culture, and the Caring Culture through respective spectrums of works:


Leadership Culture

To explore the political and social issues that the Chinese people encounter in the midst of developments, so that cultural reflections is possible and feasible solutions can be sought; and to build a new generation of leadership culture in China through providing advice to different strata of people across the globe.


Academic Culture

To facilitate mutual respect of the Chinese and Western cultures, helping intellectuals achieve a better understanding of the essence of the Christian faith. To create new resources and dimensions fundamental to the regeneration of the Chinese culture, rebuild values of the Chinese people, and support the renewal of the Chinese culture through academic dialogue and exchange between intellectuals, university education and research, and academic publication.


Caring Culture

To understand deeply and care for the needs of unprivileged in the urban and rural areas, serving the vulnerable groups with love. To implant the values of love and transform hardships into strengths of loving our nation, family and people through education, student aids and training programmes.